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draft Cherwell Local Plan - 2040

The draft Cherwell Local Plan - 2040 was approved at a Cherwell District Council meeting earlier this week to be issued for consultation.

That consultation will likely start next week and will run for just 6 weeks.

The impact of the plan on Bucknell is huge and we only have 6 weeks to make our views known.

The more comments that are received by Cherwell, the more weight those views will have, so we really do need to ask you to participate in the consultation.

The document is huge.

340 pages of development joy.

But we’re here to help!

There is a specific page on the village website where we are posting relevant information over the coming days and weeks.

You can access a copy of the draft plan - page 158 for the Bicester plan and then 248, 249 and 250 to see the maps that show just how close it will all come to Bucknell.

There is a Parish Council meeting on Monday 11 September (7:30pm, Village Hall) where this will likely be the key subject for conversation. All are welcome to attend (we may even have our CDC Councillors present!)

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