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Appeal from Ukrainian refugee family

Dear community

One minute of your precious time. We are Ukrainian refugees and have been living in your country for 1 year, in the Brill village: Our family: Serhii (56 years old), Nataliia (53 years old), Tymofii (15 years old), the fourth member of our family George (27 years old) – he was killed in the fight with the Russian invaders in 2022.

We are very grateful to our previous sponsors, all those who care, the church and your country for their indispensable help and support.

Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is even more dangerous now than it was a year ago: the russians shell the border areas of Ukraine every day, including our native Chernihiv region, threatening with nuclear shelling on the capital and throughout Ukraine, as well as blowing up the Zaporizhzhia NPP (Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant). Our hometown, Chernihiv, is currently frontline (50 miles to Belarus, 70 miles to Russia).

Now we can no longer live with sponsors for family reasons and from July 17 we have to look for other housing. Serhii, due to disability (diabetes stage 2), cannot work. Nataliia is mostly in Ukraine, where she is engaged in active volunteer activities for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and plans to live and work in England from the autumn. Tymofii is a student at Lord Williams School in Thame. Therefore, we will be very grateful if someone wants to sponsor us in our village or district, in the region of Thame, Bicester as we want to be close enough to be able to get to school in Thame, because Tymofii’s education is in priority for us. We are a calm, friendly, unpretentious, clean and thrifty family, without any pets. We have a car. Tymofii’s speaks fluent English, and Nataliia and Serhii studying it hard. Nataliia can do the garden, Serhii can cook. We look forward to a positive response, but anyway we thank you for reading this post and even if you just repost this post, you will already be of great help for us and our searches. Thank you all who care.

Peaceful sky to your country!

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